Main Stage Line Up

Saturday 8th Sep 2018

10:30 - 11:15 am

11:40 - 12:25 pm

12:50 - 13:35 pm

14:00 - 14:45 pm

15:10 - 15:55 pm

16:20 - 17:05 pm

17:30 - 18:15 pm

18:40 - 19:40 pm

Sunday 9th Sep 2018

10:30 - 11:10 am

Dr Bluegrass

11:35 - 12:15 pm

Mr Bloom

13:50 - 14:30 pm

Fond Of Rudy

14:55 - 15:40 pm

The Trusted

16:00 - 16:55 pm

The Hoosiers

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Music at GO! Organic Festival

As you can see above we’ve got an incredible main stage line up. The programme is packed with talented musicians, groovy bands and musical entertainment. We’re super excited to have so many wonderful established and new artists at the GO! Organic Festival and we’re positive that they’ll make the weekend one to remember.

Headlining the festival are The Hoosiers and The Magic Numbers. The Magic Numbers are a UK based four-piece consisting of two pairs of siblings; Romeo and Michele Stodart, and Sean and Angele Gannon). They’re a pop rock band known for their unique harmonies, melodic hooks and timeless sound. The band was formed in 2002, and released they debut album “The Magic Numbers” in 2005. At GO! Organic Festival you’ll get to hear some tunes from their newest album “Outsiders”. The Magic Numbers will be on the main stage on Saturday 8th September from 6.40pm.

The English pop rock band The Hoosiers have been around since 2003. You’ll probably remember the band’s debut album ‘The Trick of Life’, which reached number 1 in the album charts. Some of their top hits include “Worried About Ray”, “Choices” and “Goodbye Mr A”. The Hoosiers will be on the main stage on Sunday 9th September at 4pm – be sure to check them out!

As well as The Magic Number and The Hoosiers, there’s a whole bunch of other amazing performances to catch at the main stage. The Dani Diodato Quintet will be kicking off the GO! Organic Festival with some cool jazz tunes, Andy and the Oddsocks will be providing musical entertainment for the kids, and you can also look forward to seeing other talented artists such as Emma Ballantine, Liam Cromby and Fond of Rudy on stage.

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